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Artikelnummer: SOR-75302xl02s Categorie: Product ID: 6589


The Supreme headphones are considered as the best active headphones for hunting and sport shooting for Today.

Active headphones presented by Swedish company MSA Sordin Supreme Pro is a brand-new item in the field of electronic hearing protection and the perfect solution for hunting and sport shooting. These headsets produce excellent digital sound reproduction.

With the MSA Supreme Pro X you can now communicate with your friends when out shooting or even when others are shooting around you.

Wind-proof stereo-sound microphones provide “sound pictures” of 360 degrees, which allows you to focus on the sound surrounded.

The weakest environmental noises may be amplified by the active electronics in 4 times.

Noise-deadening while shooting takes about one second (0.8 sec.) and protects ears from the sound of the shot and its echo; however the bullet strike is clearly stays audible.

The volume controls are large enough and are comfortably accessible; well-being felt even in gloves, that provides additional comfort in cold weather.

Headphones have two AAA batteries instead of the usual one in a water-proof box. This makes the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X be available for about 600 hours of active operation.

Auxiliary equipment jacks: built into the headset are auxiliary jacks that will allow devices to be plugged in for use while out in the field. This makes using communication devices and trackers easier to use, and be heard, without having to tote around a separate power supply. Anything run through the jacks draws power from the headset itself.

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X protection headphones with soft leatherette seals provide increased comfort and isolation from external sounds.

The electronic design makes it possible to combine very low current consumption with high performance and instead of cutting off peak sounds it compresses them down to a safe level of 82dB(A).

Headbands can be folded up for storage, carried in a pouch or backpack. Ear cuffs are removable, waterproof, and machine washable.

All moving components are made of steel, circuit boards are lacquered and therefore water protected. Microphones are waterproof.

Power saving auto shut-off feature disables the headphones after 4 without any buttons applying.

Key Features:
• Microphone positioning provides excellent stereo sound reproduction of ambient sounds
• Black Fabric Headband
• Over 600 hours of battery life from 2 x AAA batteries
• Battery Save and Low battery warning system
• External battery
• The sound is limited to 82 dB(A) equivalent sound level
• AUX input for connection of external radios
• Waterproof
• Foldable


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