Roedale – Mondingsrem (muzzle break) C22


he steel muzzle brakes from Roedale reduce an honest measured 50% of the recoil force transmitted to your shoulder. This muzzle brake can easily be pushed onto the muzzle, indexed or adjusted and then clamped in place with the 4 screws.

This muzzle brake also comes with an M3 screw mounted on top of the brake, this is for attachment of a mirage band. This M3 threaded blank hole can also be closed from the top with an M3 grubscrew (supplied) in case you do not want to use a mirage band. This muzzle brake has a dimension of 75 x 36 mm.


  • C20 – Ø20 mm, fits 19.8 to 20.2 mm muzzles
  • C20.5 – Ø20.5 mm, fits 20.3 to 20.7 mm muzzles
  • C21 – Ø21 mm, fits 20.8 to 21.2 mm muzzles
  • C21.5 – Ø21.5 mm, fits 21.3 to 21.7 mm muzzles
  • C22 – Ø22 mm, fits 21.8 to 22.2 mm muzzles


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Standard finish is Phosphated / Parkerised ( Milspec dark grey colour).

  • Clamp: Ø22 fits 21.8 to 22.2mm muzzles
  • Materiial: Highest quality ordnance grade steel – hardened
  • Length: 75mm / 2.95″
  • Width: 35.90mm  / 1.41″
  • Depth: 25.80mm / 0.99″
  • Weight:  210g / 7.2oz



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