Swiss Arms M-lok side bipod


Founded in 1853, SWISS ARMS AG is a Swiss firearms manufacturer. From muzzle-loading rifles to modern rifles, the precision weapons factory has diversified its models and technology to become one of the most iconic manufacturers. For more than 140 years, SWISS ARMS has been recognized for the quality and precision of its cutting-edge technology. Its iconic models equip many military forces around the world: the GIGN, the U.S. Navy SEALs, the Swiss Grenadiers, and many more.


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Material Aluminum
Main color Black
Attachment System M-LOK


One of the most useful attachments for a rifle is a bipod, especially for bolt actions. A bipod is simply a two legged stand that sits at the end of your rifle offering a more stable shooting position in order to boost shot to shot consistency by eliminating the variable of you supporting the weight of the rifle. Bipods are available in different designs, and various lengths. Though they all do the same job, you want to be sure that you’re comfortable deploying the bipod i.e. not trying to fiddle with complicated catches, and that it doesn’t sit sky-high off of the ground. Similarly you want enough length for those times where you’re not prone!

This Bipod from Swiss Arms is compact, constructed out of metal for added durability, and is foldable to cut down its size. This bipod has been designed for M-LOK handguards, dispensing with any cumbersome adapters – simply mount straight to your M-LOK handguard, and position exactly as you want. For best results, it is recommended to mount on the sides

Make your long range shots more stable with this handy M-LOK bipod from Swiss Arms


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